A Fonsagrada to O’Cadavo.. taking time to just be

Oviedo –> Grado –> Salas –> Tineo –> Sumblismo –> Berducedo –> Castro –> A Fonsagrada –> O Cadavo –> Lugo –> Ferreira –> Castaneda –> Amenal –> Santiago de Compostela


Dear Friends and Family,

It’s been a couple of days since I have written you because of the combination of tiredness, fixing my feet, and social interaction. Sleep has come much more to me these days, which is a good thing, but all-in-all makes timely writing more difficult. Apologies for this.

Anyway, this day was a relatively quiet day on the Camino after the craziness of A Fonsagrada. In fact, since the whole town didn’t sleep last night, all of the shops were closed (seriously)…we didn’t even see the people at the albergue! They just told us the night before to leave the key on the desk and buen camino! These people really have their priorities straight! 🙂

The walk out of A Fonsagrada was much easier than the walk in, with a slight drop in elevation (~100m) to Padron,

Followed by a slight climb through beautiful countryside to the remains of the pilgrim Hospital de Montmouto.

This was a very interesting historical stop, as this hospital was founded by Peter the Cruel in 1360 to serve pilgrims and was still in use in the 20th century. There was also a small chapel at the site and some dolmens in the field behind the hospital. Take a look:

Chapel of Montouto

Short video of the remains of the Hospital de Montouto

Dolmens behind the Hospital de Montmouto (photo courtesy casocadabo.es)

My friend Jerome from Portland posing at the Camino sign in front of Hospital de Montmouto

I am not sure why but this particular day I was tired and running out of energy. Also because A Fonsagrada was sleeping off their party, there were no provisions available and I was food. Just as I was considering to eat some shoe leather, we came upon an oasis directly in the middle of our walk to O’Cadavo. It was called Paradavella.


Thank heavens for Paradavella! I could take my shoes and socks off, refix my feet, eat a Spanish tostada (not what you think, it’s basically thick toast with butter and jam), and a coffee con leche (x2). Oh my goodness I needed this! Jerome and his boys joined me and we all seemed to feel better.

As we were wrapping up our stay, this young man walked in. He had a big backpack on and was clearly camping on the Camino. He was an incredibly well spoken young man and as I found out an entrepreneur from France. He was on his sabbatical from his last startup. I truly get it as doing the Camino really does get the mind moving in new ways. I think this is a wonderful way to get the creative juices flowing and as a result innovative ideas may follow. He agreed to a selfie with Jerome and I:

The afternoon walk was much, much easier with full bellies and fixed feet. We meandered through beautiful countryside filled with flowers and cute homes.

As I walked through the last forest, passed the last farm…

…and into the small village of O’Cadavo (my stopping place for the night), I reflected on the day and realized for the first time in a long time my mind wasn’t churning and spinning and thinking intensely. Nothing spectacular happened today, I was just walking, walking on the Camino. And I was just being. Being in the moment. Being in the simplicity or simply being. I was truly at peace this day. And as I write this I can only wonder why this is so hard to do? I think this is the lesson of the Camino for me today: be still, listen, and find the time to just be.

Peace and love,


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